Since 2005, Itiban Pescados is a Brazilian company with expertise in the whole chain of fish market: fish-farming, extractive fishing, import and export, frigorific, wholesale, direct and indirect distribution and retail. With a humble and hardworking origin, Itiban family brings as part of its tradition, mastery and quality, from farming and fishing to the final distribution.

We are the first company arranged in vertical integration in Brazil, thus, we ensure that your food is being well handled and cared from start to finish. We have love to what we do, and we are improving on it every day.

Itiban cares for the good treatment and respect, and believes that the final consumers must rely on and be satisfied with the product that arrives at their homes, therefore, we train and prepare our collaborators to together we grow in the food market.

We work all over the country to provide health and healthy food to you through our products. All our process, from farming to distribution, follow the regulatory norms.

Our main goal is to motivate fish and seafood consumption in the world through quality and affordable price, increasing our consumers’ longevity and healthy eating habits.

We have the differential in fish and seafood. Count on us!

Headquarter: Avenida São Miguel, 3359 | Vila Constança
São Paulo/SP | 03871-000
+55 11 2026-3800 | +55 11 2365-3800

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